Kluck's Krispy Chicken

...the best chicken sandwich I've ever had!

— Cole D.

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Voted #1 Chicken Shop in Utah

Cheesy Krispy Chicken Sandwich

Toasted brioche bun, Krispy chicken, cheesy sauce. Everything you need for a perfect Krispy Chicken sandwich.

Dipping sauces for all

So many sauces, you won’t know which one to choose. Our special Kluckin’ sauce, Hard Core, Korean BBQ, and more.

Garlic Krispy Chicken Pieces

Boneless, skinless chicken breast pieces battered with our secret recipe, tossed in garlicky, salty, sweet, sauce.

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We’re all about satisfying your cravings. Krispy, golden-brown chicken pieces, mouthwatering Krispy Chicken sandwiches, a bunch of tasty sauces, and fresh salads that’ll make your taste buds dance. Treat yourself to some seriously good eats at Kluck’s – because who can resist Krispy perfection?

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Make your next event a crispy and flavorful affair! Whether you’re kickstarting your day, throwing a party, or just feeding a hungry crew, Kluck’s Krispy Chicken Catering has you covered. 

Kluck's Krispy Chicken
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Marissa GreeneMarissa Greene
00:04 01 Feb 24
y’all i just am here to say klucks isn’t even open right now and i am truly salivating at a rate some would call alarming. i’m just taking about the hotties chicken tenders!?!?!!?? cmon guys i mean if you’re able to handle some spice you’ll be met with the most delicious sweetness and heat that leaves my lil head just a buzzin i can’t explain it it is rewiring my brain every time i get a taste. LOVE YOU KLUCKS LONG MAY YOU REIGN
Bruce SantosBruce Santos
04:05 20 Jan 24
Best chicken sandwich
Ian BakerIan Baker
03:53 18 Jan 24
Food is epic, staff is epic. Great place! 👍
Taylor WhitlockTaylor Whitlock
15:12 16 Jan 24
I experienced no problems during my visit. The food was a little pricier than other places I frequent, but honestly I feel like it was worth it. The sauces were great, and the sweet & savory chicken was incredible. It was juicy, krispy, and there was a good amount of it. The curly fries were also great, they tasted very fresh, as did everything else. I'll definitely be coming back here again!
Dallin DraperDallin Draper
03:39 16 Jan 24
Honestly exceeded expectation! Would come here for some boneless chicken strips/bites over any other wing place in Orem.
Kyungjun SheenKyungjun Sheen
19:12 31 Dec 23
GREAT chicken. I went here to try it out and was blown away. The breading on the chicken was delicious and the fries were good as well. Add that with the sauce and it was a awesome meal! I’ll definitely be swinging by againUpdate: came back and got the chicken pieces….. SO GOOD. Their fries and mac salad are incredible as well
Elona WElona W
07:46 31 Dec 23
Love this place so much!!! There’s just nothing like it! Cane’s and Slim chicken doesn’t even come close to it. They have such an amazing variety of sauces to choose from and everything is cooked to perfection. Our whole family of 5 loves going there and the service is always so great, they’re friendly, kind and helpful always. They even know my husband’s name and always greed him: “Hi Jesse, how are you?” Kluck's Krispy Chicken is definitely a must try! Delicious 🤤
Alexia DaugaardAlexia Daugaard
19:29 19 Sep 23
The garlic chicken was pretty good, but the curly fries were just okay-ish at best. I got a meal, but for nearly $20 I expected better taste, honestly. The sauces were unique and not bad, though. The service was alright but could’ve been better. I paid in cash but the person taking my order walked away before I even had the chance to mention that, so I had to wait for her to come back to let her know I wasn’t using a card. I also had ordered a drink but had to specifically ask for my cup after my food had arrived. The place was clean, and another person let them know the soda machine was running low on one of the drink syrups, which they fixed very quickly. The music was decent and not too loud, and despite being a primarily fried chicken place, it didn’t have a lingering grease smell (which I appreciated).
Monte WebsterMonte Webster
19:25 21 Jul 23
My first time here was with a large team, and their system was pushed to its limits to be able to get us served. I have to say that the staff and owner, whom we met, were top notch, very friendly, and did a great job. The sandwiches are enormous, flavorful, and I can tell that they care about the quality of their product. Many of my team said that it was the best chicken sandwich they have ever had, which is quite a compliment. The various spicy versions of the sandwich were really favorites. The fries and curly fries are good, but nothing special to me. I will definitely go back and try more items.